Management VS Leadership in Software Organizations


In order to of achieve a predefined goal by an organization, it must not only have enough resources but also the way of using them effectively. Formally a manager, informally a leader has to have the capabilities in him to use his resources such as human, financial, physical and informational. As the management of human resources is always been critical to the success of any organization, that resources are always being given a greater importance throughout the whole path of achieving a goal or whole process of successful completion of a project. This report describes how to prepare every member for a project and the whole team a cohesive high performance team in a given situation. (more…)

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IT Jobs in Bangladesh

People of IT Sector in Bangladesh often suffers from Job insecurity and this mostly happens in case of small companies. There are hundreds of small software companies in Bangladesh and their business depends mostly on the online bidding sites (i.e. Odesk, getAcoder, etc).

But highly skilled and experts don’t prefer to work in those companies as organizational structures are not well formed and stable in those companies. And from my personal experience I can say those small company often fails to utilize their skill and knowledge.

Working under a junior is very dangerous and harmful for anyone’s career and also those who knows very little but thinks himself a ‘GURU’ are the most dangerous insects for this field. During my last three years of professional career I found several of them. None of them were technically sound and skilled enough to deliver quality solution to the clients. Thus we are loosing overseas trust day by day. Those people are not being loser only but spoiling our total industry as a whole.

And if any developer want to shows his creativity and knowledge they are being terminated. This is only because if any developer or software engineer want to follow a sound architecture of course it will take minimum more time than usual. But the company urges for immediate release of the project so that their bank accounts get more healthier in short time. But they can’t think they are getting the money but loosing a very big amount in the long run.

I strongly stand to protect them. Otherwise total IT industry will fall and we will never be able to turn back if we loose this now.

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IT Sector in Bangladesh

I am just writing this article for my self interest. This is nothing but my own saying. I am an IT professional in Bangladesh. Doing job in a software company as software engineer. But I don’t feel this sector in Bangladesh is matured enough. And also this sector is not growing in a speed which we expected. There are some reasons behind this. As, I am not a very experienced person my assumptions might be wrong. I have identified few reasons behind this.

The first and most important reason in my opinion is education. We, in Bangladesh, lots of students go to the university to achieve the degree. University is the highest educational institution in a country. But what we learn from our universities? From my experience I will say, there are also lack of experienced teachers of our field. They just know what is written in the books which were printed several years ago. They are just teaching the same thing again and again. They don’t update themselves. They just deliver the same lecture for every batches. So, a gap is created between the industry and the educational institutions. As a result the fresh graduates fail to get the job in the right way and time. There are also faults in the students not only in the teachers. Students often don’t want to learn more. They even don’t want to ask the teachers more about the latest technologies. This is because, they want to know less so that they have to answer less in the exam. I even saw lots of students have passed with a very high grading point. But they are still jobless. The reason behind this is their target in the university time was to achieve the grade not to learn. I hate this kind of students. I also identified a reason behind this. First boy of every batch gets the job in the university. So, everyone want to be the first boy.

Secondly, I want to blame the seniors of this field, obviously not the all. Most of the senior technical guys in Bangladesh are responsible for not developing this sector in our country. They always tried to solve a problem but did not follow proper way and steps of Software Engineering. As a result the clients faced lots of problem and difficulties after using a software for 4/5 years. And also those developers failed to give any solutions to the users. So they lost their trusts on technology.

Thirdly, I want to blame our current developers also. Whenever we face a problem we just solve in the way which we find first. We even don’t want to know more and compare several solutions so that we can pick the best one. Another thing is observed in the developers is they always remain in hurry to do anything. Of course, developers have to meet the time line of a project. But a developer has to prove himself by his quality, logic and style of solving problems. There is nothing beyond art of solving problems in life.

The forth reason in my opinion is the management of software companies. There are lack of managerial capacities in the management of most of the companies. Most of them are professional businessmen who know money only. They just want the early income. They don’t think of their product’s quality also. Again the companies are paying the developers very low.

Another thing I have observed personally. That is our non residential Bangladeshis are not helping us lot. Which is very remarkable in case of Indians. I knew some of them who told me that they always try to take even a single table database system from India. Thus their small companies surviving. But in case of us, we even don’t trust ourselves. If the reasons stated above could be solved I hope we can gain the trust again.

We, the new generation, want a revolution in this sector and we are sure we can do. We have the quality and confidence. We just need a proper care. I may have said something wrong. But all those I have written is my personal opinion. If it matches anyone, I am sorry that this would be just a co-incidence and please try to overcome your lacks.

No more today.

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